Dermatopathology Unit


Humood Al-Sabah (Dermatopathologist and Head of the Labs)

Multiviewer microscope Dr. Humood Al-Sabah


This is run by a qualified Dermatopathologists: (Dr. Humoud Al-Sabah) who is also the Head of the Labs in the center)

The Dermatopathology unit provides processing, reading and diagnosis of pathology slides done in the center or referred for consultation from outside the center. A wide range of ordinary and special stains are available. Those slides that need immunofluorescence processing and reading are sent to the Immunodermatology unit in the center.

The unit also provides dermatopathology teaching through a multiviewer microscope that enables 9 persons to view pathology slides simultaneously.

Routine, special stains, direct and indirect immunofluorescence, and immuno-histochemical staining are done as indicated. If a procedure is not available in the center, the specimen (or tissue block) is sent to Pathology department at Sabah Hospital, to Kuwait Cancer Center, or to the Faculty of Medicine for processing. 

All patients’ information and pathology report should be entered in the computer system by the secretary working in the pathology unit. A print-out of the pathology report should be signed by the doctor in-charge of the pathology unit.

Equipment at Dermatopathology Unit 

(The Lab and Doctor’s office):

1)        Microtome for cutting paraffin blocks.


2)        Embedding machine for embedding the processed biopsy specimen in paraffin.


3)        Tissue processor for fixing the biopsy specimen in different steps.


4)        Incubator for fixing the slides and incubation (staining).


5)        Water bath for stretching the cut sections and to take it on slides.


6)        Multi-headed Microscopes.


7)        One light microscope for examining the quality of the sections.


8)        Three microscopes in doctor’s office, used for examining and reporting the slides and also photography of the slides when needed plus for teaching purposes.


9)        Hot Plate for heat fixing the slides.


10)    Oven for incubation at high temperature.


11)    Fume Hood for absorbing toxic gases.


12)    Microwave processor for immunostaining and immediate processing.


13)    Weighing machine for preparation of various reagents and solutions.