Daily and Weekly Clinical Meetings


main clinical meeting room

(Main clinical meeting room)

Every day at 7:30 am a daily clinical meeting is held in the department where inpatients and consultations of previous day are discussed  and decisions made. A second closing meeting for updates of the inpatients is held daily around 1:15 pm.

Each Tuesday, around 50 dermatologists and trainee meet in the center to discuss rare and difficult cases besides discussion of the in-patients conditions and their follow-up. The doctors also participate in lectures and journal club. Clinical cases are photographed in the Medical Photography unit using a digital camera. The images are downloaded to the computer workstation in the unit. When the meeting starts, which is held in the main clinical meeting room in first floor, the images of the clinical cases are retrieved through the meeting room computer workstation that is connected to the computer network of the center. Through connection of the computer to a special projector that is capable of projecting very high resolution images, these images are projected to a wall screen for full viewing.

Not only clinical cases images are projected but also images of histopathology slides taken by the digital camera directly from the microscope. These images are very sharp and illustrative. This method enabled a close follow-up of the cases through comparison of patients' conditions before and after treatment and their follow-up.