Dermatomycology Unit


Ahmed Fekri (Registrar) 

Dr. Karel Kubec

(Photo of Late Dr. Karel Kubec (Consultant) who was in charge of dermatomycology unit since 1986. He resigned in July 1998)


Dermatomycology Lab:

This unit is under supervision of a Specialist  (Dr Abeer Abdulla) and a Registrar (Dr Ahmed Fekri). Mycological lab in the center provides microscopic examination and cultivation of patients suffering from mycotic infections due to dermatophytes, yeasts, and molds. This unit is running once per week (Wednesdays).  The unit provides diagnostic facilities essential for fungal diseases of the skin including direct scrapings and cultures. A detailed referral form should be completed by the referring dermatologist. Mycology report should be signed out by the doctor in-charge of the mycology unit.

Equipment at the Dermatomycology Unit:

1)           Two incubators for cultures of mycology specimens.

2)           Ordinary microscope for examining the direct smears for evidence of fungal infection.

The commonest dermatophytes isolated in Kuwait are: M. canis and T. rubrum. The commonest yeast is C. albicans. From the clinical point of view, T. capitis in children and T. cruris in adults are the most common dermatophytes encountered. Candidal paronychium and onychium prevail among candidal infections.