Phototherapy Unit


Abeer Abdalla (Specialist)

Ihab Nour-El-Din (Registrar)

Jihan Raji (Registrar)

Mohammed Taha (Registrar)

Ahmed Fikri (Registrar)    

Riham Khamis (Registrar)          

Noha Al-Heneyan (Technician)

Hadeyah Al-Hajry (Technician)

Hessa Al-Sebaey (Technician)

Maha Al-Enezy (Technician)

Hanouf Al-Enezy (Technician)

Entrance of phototherapy unit UVA/UVB machine

(Entrance of the Phototherapy Unit), (UVA/UVB machine)

1.      Phototherapy Unit:

The Phototherapy unit provides service to all the patients in Kuwait. There are 10 treatment rooms that contain phototherapy machines (UVA, UVB, Narrow-Band UVB), and UVA1 machine. Besides, there is one hall that contains several hand and foot machines.

The unit also contains 2 rooms for photo-testing, and a large medical photophysics laboratory for calibration of the machines.

The unit  is run by 5 registrars (Dr. Ihab Nour El-Dein, Dr. Jihan Raji, Dr Mohammed Taha, Dr Ahmad Fekry, and Dr Riham Ashour. Some of these doctors run outpatient clinics on certain days as per their schedules. The unit  is  supervised by one Specialist (Dr Abeer Arboud). The doctors are helped by trained nursing staff. Also, several technicians work in the unit to help in calibratopn of the machines and also in doing the phototesting procedures.

It provides phototesting and phototherapy (Systemic and Topical PUVA, UVB, UVA) for the indicated diseases. Each doctor working in this unit should follow the treatment protocol provided by the center for this unit (Appendix 46).  And all non-Kuwaiti patients receiving phototherapy should be charged (Appendix 10). Topical application of medication for Topical PUVA should be carried out by the nursing staff and not be the patients themselves. The unit works daily

Phototesting is done on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays for oral PUVA, and daily except Thursdays for UVB.

The unit also provides afternoon treatment services from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. for Kuwaiti patients and from 5 – 8 pm to non Kuwaiti patients.

Each patient is given verbal and written information and instruction about the phototherapy and its possible side effects.

2.     The medical photophysics laboratory

The medical photophysics laboratory is run by 5 assistant physicists and is under supervision of a highly qualified physicist (Dr Hanan Bu-Abbass). The unit is involved in the following activities:

1-     Set up of photo physics lab., Workshop, UVA and UVB treatment rooms and phototesting rooms.

2-     Training the nursing staff who are involved in the treatment of patients with PUVA and UVB.

3-     Calibration of PUVA and UVB units periodically.

4-     Calibration of different instrument and detectors in the lab.

5-     Photo-testing of patients of different skin types using Applied Photo physics Photo-irradiator and Multiport solar simulator (Model XPS 200)

6-     Measurement of the absorbency (or light transmission) of sunglasses for patients treated with photosensitizers, to protect their eyes from UVR.


3.      Equipments available in the Phototherapy Unit

  (The Treatment Rooms and the Photophysics Lab):

·         Four Ultraviolet machines (UVA Standing Cabinet) for treatment of patient

·         Two Ultraviolet machines of the UVA1

·         Nine Ultraviolet machines NBUVB

·         Six UVA for local treatment of lesions on extremities.

·         Spectroradiometer for calibration of the Ultraviolet machines and for measuring the ultraviolet light emitted from the sun.

·         One Solar Simulator machine.

·         UV test machines: one UVA, one UVB, and two NB-UVB machines.

·         One NB-UVB for local treatment of lesions on face.

·         Two UVA for  local treatment of lesions on scalp

Our Treatment Guidlines include:


Mr. Ali Baquer

(Physics laboratory)