The medical photophysics laboratory


Noha Al-Heneyan   (Technician)

Hadeyah Al-Hajry (Technician)

Hessa Al-Sebaey (Technician)

Maha Al-Enezy (Technician)

Hanouf Al-Enezy (Technician)


The medical photophysics laboratory is involved in the following activities:

1- Set up of photophysics lab., Workshop, UVA and UVB treatment rooms, and Laser rooms.

2- Training the nursing staff who are involved in the treatment of patients with PUVA and UVB.

3- Calibration of PUVA and UVB units periodically.

4- Calibration of different instrument and detectors in the lab.

5- Photo-testing of patients of different skin types using Applied Photophysics Photo-irradiator and Multiport solar simulator ( Model XPS 200 )

6- Measurement of the absorbency (or light transmission) of sunglasses for patients treated with photosensitizer, to protect their eyes from UVR.

7- Measurement of erythema and pigmentation in human skin using non-invasive techniques by:

a) Spectrophotometer ( Minolta CM-200 )

b) Spectrofluorometer ( FluroMax-2 )

8- Study of changes of optical parameters of human skin with various stimuli, using spectrofluorometer.

9- Training of students of Technical College in the field of applied physics in Dermatology.