Teaching facilities


(main auditorium holds up to 104 person)

As'ad Al-Hamad Dermatology Center provides teaching and training to different categories. The senior staff is involved in teaching and training residents of Kuwait Board of Dermatology, candidates who are enrolled in several training programs like Arab Board of Dermatology, groups of family medicine doctors who come on rotational basis,  candidates from internal medicine doing their electives in dermatology, and also the seventh year medical undergraduates students from the Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait university.

Rotational training program enables the candidate to practice outpatients clinical work under supervision, attending the subspecialty clinics and also the subspecialty units including the phototherapy, laser, dermatologic surgery, dermatopathology, dermatomycology, immunodermatology, and cosmetology.

Daily morning clinical meeting is carried out at 7:30 am and a closing meeting at 1:15 pm to discuss the inpatients, new admissions, and consultations of previous day. All consultations from different nearby hospitals are discussed in the daily morning meeting. A weekly academic meeting is hold every Tuesday around 12:00 pm. In this meeting, clinical cases follow-up is presented and discussed. Digital images of the the clinical cases, histopathology and immunology results are projected through the computer and  a data show projector. Digital images are stored on the medical photography unit computer and external hard disks.