Computer Network of the Center

A computer network is available in the center which has been upgraded recently, consists of one file server, a CD Server that holds up to 7 CDs, and 45 workstations. Patient general information , patient filing, and appointments are dealt with through the computer in the Reception Section.

Several programmes are also used by the different units and Labs in the center. Through these programmes (which have been written by the chairman of the center), patients electronic medical files are created and linked for use in the general outpatients clinics, specialty clinics, and specialty units like Phototherapy, Dermatopathology, Dermatomycology, Dermatoimmunology, and Dermatosurgery units.

Several Medical Applications are available for the doctors to use. These include:

1- The A.A.D. Infodesk (4 CDs) that allows the access of 10 Dermatologic databases (Melanoma Prognosis Model, Periodic Synopses, Index of Educational Resources & Products, Guidelines of Care, Rx/Therapy Inquiry, Word/Dermatologic Dictionary, DERM/DDX, Derm-On-Disk/Drug Reaction), and allows you to search through 8 years (June 1990- June 1998) of full text and images in JAAD in minutes, besides a Ten-Year Cumulative Index.

2- Lever's Histopathology of the Skin on CD Rom.

3- Fitzpatrick's Dermatology in General Medicine on CD Rom.

4- Rook Text Book of Dermatology on CD Rom.

5- Atlas of Dermatology on CD Rom.

6- Dermatoscopy on CD Rom.

7- Habif Clinal Dermatology on CD Rom.

8- General Dermatology on CD Rom.

9- Nail Pathology on CD Rom.

10- Superficial Mycology on CD Rom.

Clinical cases are photographed in the Medical Photography unit using a digital camera. The images are downloaded to the computer workstation in the unit. When the meeting starts, which is held in the main clinical meeting room in first floor, the images of the clinical cases are retrieved through the meeting room computer workstation that is connected to the computer network of the center. Through connection of the computer to a data show projector, that is capable of projecting very high resolution images, these images are projected to a wall screen for full viewing. Also, images of histopathology slides are taken by the digital camera directly from the microscope for on-screen projection during clinical meeting sessions.



Access to the internet is available for all the doctors in the center.

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