Laser Therapy Unit


Hanin Al-Raqam (Consultant)

Hesham Hanafi (Consultant)

Ra'afat Harbi (Senior Specialist)

Ghadeer Al-Alawi (Senior Specialist)

Amr Abdel-Salam(Registrar)

Wajeeh Waheeb (Registrar)

Dr. Hejab Al-Ajmi

(Q-Switched Alexandrite Laser)

As'ad Al-Hamad Dermatology Center  currently provides laser therapy under two broad categories:

A. Vascular.

B. Pigment.


Asad al-Hamad dermatology centre currently provides laser therapy under two broad categories:

  1. Vascular

  2. Pigment

In the Pigment Category, four laser machines are available to provide therapy for tattoos, some pigmented nevi and drug-induced pigmentation.

These machines are:

  • Two Q-switched alexandrite

  • One Q-switched Nd:YAG and a

  • One Q-switched Ruby laser.

An Excimer laser machine has been added to provide therapy for some variants of psoriasis, vitiligo & scars amongst other indications.

For the  Vascular lesions We will receive intense pulse light (IPL) machines to be used:

        SR machine for superficial lesions (IPL)

        DL machine for deep lesions (Nd:YAG laser)

* Relume pigmentation photo therapy system is used to repigment hypopigmented lesions other than vitiligo.

 * Clear light acne photo clearing system will be used for limited and indicated cases.

This unit also provides service to all the patients who are referred to the center for problems such as hirsutism, milia, skin tags, trichoepithelioma, syringoma, dermatitis papulosa nigra....etc.

Patients who complain of hirsutism are first referred to the endocrinology department for clinical evaluation and for hormonal profile study. Thereafter, they are treated in the unit with electrolysis.

The following new service will be available in Cosmetic Dermatology Unit soon:

 Hyperhidrosis clinic: we have two Fisher galvanic units and we can offer 3 days per week treatments. Suggested days are Saturday-Monday-Wednesday. The plan to start clinic when Botox meterial is available. The clinic will be supervised by Dr Meshal Al-Ghareeb There will be one trained nurse to deliver and adjust the treatment with supervision of the working doctors. 





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