The Outpatient Clinics

(A) General Outpatient Clinics

Atlal Al-Lafi (Chairman)

Qasem Alsaleh (consultant)

Arti Nanda (Consultant)

Hesham Hanafi (Consultant)

Hamad Al-Abdel-Razaq (Specialist)

Eman El-Masry (Consultant)

Raafat M. H. Harbi (Senior Specialist)

Hanin Al-Raqam (Consultant)

Mohammed Al-Otaibi (Consultant)

Dalal Al-Mutairi (Specialist)

Humoud Al-Sabah (Senior Registrar)

Ghadaer Al-Alawi (Senior Specialist)

Viktor Lazarevic (Senior Specialist)

Anwar Al-Smait (Specialist)

Abeer Al-Arboud (Specialist)

Nadia Al-Naqui (Senior Specialist)

Khaled Rushdi (Specialist)

Sara Al-Misallam (Senior Registrar)

Zainab Akbar (Senior Registrar)

Abeer Al-Haifi (Registrar)

Tareq Karam (Registrar)

Ahmed Fekri (Registrar)

Amr Abdel-Salam(Registrar)

Rana El-Noon (Registrar)

Abdalla El-Arini (Registrar)

Mai Abdel-Nabi (Registrar)

Jihan Rajy (Registrar)

Wageeh Waheeb (Registrar)

Ali Jamil (Registrar)

Samer El-Alami (Registrar)

Isra Yoqout (Registrar)

Riham Khamis (Registrar)

(Note: Some of above mentioned doctors have assignments in specialty clinics or specialty units on certain days besides working in outpatient clinics)

(B)Specialty Clinics

1- Pediatric Dermatology Clinics
Arti Nanda (Consultant)

Nadia Al-Naqui  (Senior Registrar)

Rana El-Noon (Registrar)

Abdalla El-Arini (Registrar)

Mai Omar (Registrar)


2- Bullous Diseases Clinic
Qasem Alsaleh (Consultant)

Arti Nanda (Consultant)

Eman El-Masri (Specialist)

Jihan Raji (Registrar)


3- Contact Dermatitis and Patch Testing Clinic

Atlal Lafi  (Chairman)

Jihan Ragi (Registrar)


4- Psoriasis Clinic

Hesham Hanafi  (Consultant)

Hanin Al-Raqam   (Consultant)

Nadia Al-Naqui (Senior Specialist)

Abeer Al-Arboud (Specialist)

Sara Al-Misallam (Senior Registrar)


5- Alopecia Areata Clinic

Arti Nanda (Consultant)

Raafat M. H. Harbi (Specialist)


6- Hair Disorders Clinic

Ibrahim Al-Aradi (Consultabnt)


7- Connective Diseases Clinic

Shamayel Al-Snafi (Specialist)


8- Mycosis Fungoides Task Force

Qasem Alsaleh (Consultant) 

Arti Nanda (Consultant)

Humoud Al-Sabah (Senior Registrar)

Ihab Nour-Eldin (Registrar)

Jihan Ragi (Registrar)

Mohammed Taha (Registrar)

Ahmed Fekri (Registrar)

Assistant Registrars  Al-Hanouf Al-Kandari, Fatma Abdulla, Shaima Al-Khlaifi, Halima Al-Failekawi


Outpatients waiting hall

(outpatient clinics waiting area)

The outpatient clinics contain:

(a) General outpatient clinics. These include 21 clinics running on daily basis.

According to the norms of outpatient clinics in dermatology set by the Dermatology Council in Kuwait, a "unit" is formed of 3 registrars and one senior dermatologist. Each registrar examines and treats 30-40 patients daily. The senior dermatologist is responsible for consultations from the registrars in his units besides examining and treating 15-20 cases daily. 

The overall average number of patients seen in the outpatient clinics is 240 patient per day. These patients are seen on referral basis at prefixed appointments. Emergency cases are accepted at any time from anywhere even without referral.

(b) Specialty clinics. These work once, twice or three times per week. These clinics include: a) the pediatric clinic run by one consultant, one specialist and 4 registrars and  b) the bullous diseases clinic (including pemphigus clinic) run by 2 consultants, 1 specialist, and 1 registrar and  c) contact dermatitis and patch testing clinic run by a consultant and a registrar  d) psoriasis clinic which deals mainly with difficult to treat problem cases of psoriasis and is run by one senior specialist, one Specialist, 2 Senior Registrars e) alopecia areata clinic run by 1 consultant and 1 registrar that takes care of problem cases of alopecia areata and carries out treatment with different modalities including topical immune sensitizers like Diphencyproproperone, g) hair disorders clinic is run currently by one consultant and deals with different hair disorders including: Androgenic Alopecia in males and females, Hirsutism (non-endocrine in origin), Primary Hair Disorders, Alopecia Areata patients who failed in the standard therapy, and Acute and Chronic Telogen Effluvium h) connective diseases clinic is run currently by one specialist i) mycosis fungoides task force that has been formed recently. It is composed of the 3 Consultants,1 senior specialist,  the dermatopathologist of As'ad Al-Hamad Dermatology Center, and 3 registrars working in the Phototherapy Unit. This task force is responsible for care of all mycosis fingoides cases registered in Kuwait. According to a circular from the Under-Secretary of Ministry of Health all cases of mycosis fungoides to be pooled in As'ad Al-Hamad Dermatology Center under direct care of the task force. Other specialty clinics will be opened soon.

A computer network is available in the center and, after being upgraded it consists of one  file server, a CD Server that holds up to 7 CDs, and 50 workstations. Patient general information , patient filing, and appointments are dealt with through the computer in the Reception Section.

Several programmes are also used by the different units and Labs in the center. Through these programmes (which have been programmed by the chairman of the center), patients electronic medical files are created and linked for use in the general outpatients clinics, specialty clinics, and specialty units like Phototherapy, Dermatopathology, Dermatomycology, Dermatoimmunology, and Dermatosurgery units. Read more about the Computer Network of the Center.

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