Phototherapy Unit


Abeer Abdalla (Specialist)

Ihab Nour-El-Din (Registrar)

Jihan Raji (Registrar)

Mohammed Taha (Registrar)

Ahmed Fikri (Registrar)    

Israa Hassan (Registrar) 

Riham Khamis (Registrar)          

Noha Al-Heneyan (Technician)

Hadeyah Al-Hajry (Technician)

Hessa Al-Sebaey (Technician)

Maha Al-Enezy (Technician)

Hanouf Al-Enezy (Technician)

Entrance of phototherapy unit UVA/UVB machine

(Entrance of the Phototherapy Unit), (UVA/UVB machine)

The Phototherapy unit provides service to all the patients in Kuwait. There are 10 treatment rooms that contain phototherapy machines (UVA, UVB, Narrow-Band UVB), and UVA1 machine that will arrive soon. Besides, there is one hall that contains several hand and foot machines.

Our Treatment Guidlines include:

Patients data is enetered into the computer using a computer software (developed by the chairman) by which the patients are followed up and their cumulative doses and total sittings are automatically calculated plus many features tailored to the need of this speciality. You can view a snapshot of one of the screens of this software ( distortion of the image is the result of decreasing the size of the photo).

The unit also contains 2 rooms for photo-testing, and a large medical photophysics laboratory.

Mr. Ali Baquer

(Physics laboratory)

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