Dermatological Surgery Unit


                                                                             1- Ibrahim Al-Aradi (Consultant)

                                                                             2- Hamad Al-Abdel_Razaq (Spcialist)

                                                                             3- Eman Al-Masri (Consultant)

                                                                             6- Sara Al-Misallam (Senior Registrar)

                                                                             7-Tareq M. Karam (Registrar)

                                                                            8- Ahmed Fekri (Registrar)

Operation theater Dr. Otaibi and Dr. Rostom


Minor surgical procedures are carried out in this unit twice per week. Skin biopsies are sent to the dermatopathology lab and/or to the immunodermatology lab in the center for further processing.

 The surgical procedures are carried out 5 days per week. Residents, doctors from family medicine and candidates during their elective course in dermatology should attend this unit at least once per week.

 Working days schedule


Procedures under L/A


Electrosurgery, cryosurgery, resistant wart surgery, acne scaring corrective surgery (subcision, excision, dermabrasion) chemical peeling for xanthelesma, excision of benign tumors etc.,


CO2 and erbium: Yag laser


General skin biopsies


        Mohs micrographic surgery for malignant tumors

        Excision of malignant tumors with postoperative flaps & grafts repairs

        Surgical treatment of keloids & adjuvant therapy

        Punch grafting for vitiligo & leukoderma


General skin biopsies

Nail, scalp and orogenital biopsies

 The unit has one room for major procedures & another room for some minor procedures. The unit receives surgical consultations form all dermatology centers in Kuwait. In each procedure day, two dermatologic surgeons are assigned ( A senior surgeon and a junior assistant surgeon). A surgically trained nurse and the dermatopathologist joint the team.

 Residents, family physicians, medical students and candidates during their elective course in dermatology should attend this unit at least once per week. In each procedure day, patients are prescheduled in time and diagnosis. Once patient admitted to the theatre, the team will decide the appropriate procedure for each condition.

Minor procedure usually takes 15 minutes; major procedures may take 30-60 minutes. Mohs surgery procedure may take 4-6 hours.

A senior dermatologic surgeon is available for supervision, teaching and performing the advanced and complicating procedures. In addition, a junior dermatologic surgeon should be available for assisting, teaching and performing the minor and basic surgical techniques. After patient consent, some procedures are digitally photographed. They are stored in a computer for future teaching or pre and post procedure documentation. The surgical rotation training is available for residents in their postgraduate in 4th year. A log book must be filled out (procedures: to do, to assist and to observe) for each trainee. A weekly presentation is held in the unit during the rotation. All trainees are encouraged to assist the team during their rotation.

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