As'ad Al-Hamad Dermatology Center


The Center contains the following units and facilities:


Outpatient Clinics Subspecialties Others


General outpatient clinics

Pediatric clinic

Pemphigus clinic

Leishmaniasis treatment protocol in Kuwait

Contact dermatitis clinic

Psoriasis Clinic



Phototherapy treatment guidlines in Kuwait

Medical Photophysics Laboratory





Dermatological surgery

Cosmetic dermatology

Medical photography



Computer Network of the Center

Training and teaching facilities

Daily and weekly clinical meetings

Grand Clinical Meetings:

1999- 2000- 2001- 2002- 2003- 2004- 2005


Dermatological meetings and conferences in Kuwait

Our Operational Policy

Our Treatment Guidelines

- Download Dermatology  Treatment Guidelines as PDF file
- Download STDs Treatment Guidelines as PDF file

Memorial photo of the official opening day. Click on photo to enlarge. Opening day photo


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